Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Reviews by Bipasha, Shalini and Taseen

People view content writing as a successful and enviable career. Content writers have flexible working hours, make their own schedules and work as much as they want to. But the reality isn’t always as it seems. Content writing has become the in-thing in today’s digital world. However, content writing reviews state that writers fall short of their abilities which are important to succeed.

Yes, I agree, anyone who knows English and has a bachelor’s degree can become a content writer. You can start writing your own blog or take up freelancing.  A good content writing review always highlights a writer’s efficient planning and web content editing skills too. So, adding search engine optimization (SEO), time management, knowledge of social media etc. will ensure engaging your target audience to visit your website frequently and give worthy content writing reviews.

Content writing courses training help you acquire these various skills to become a successful content writer. Henry Harvin’s content writing courses have been ranked #1 by Trainings360 India and are internationally recognized. It is the best content writing program available in the market offering sessions that are interesting, interactive and informative.

Henry Harvin offers both online and offline content writing courses.  It is imparted through 32 hours of extensive instructor-led training program. Their trainers have more than 10 years of experience and are content experts or professional writers themselves. The best part about this course is that one is exposed to real-life content writing projects during the internship. Henry Harvin also offers job-support to their students.

Let us take a look at Bipasha’s Henry Harvin content writing course review

Here goes her testimonial “My name is Bipasha. I am from Guwahati and I’m currently learning my digital content writing from Henry Harvin education. I enrolled myself after reading Henry Harvin reviews. In my content writing course review, I’d say that this course has prepared me for the corporate world. My experience was amazing and wonderful. Initially, I wasn’t sure whether I should take up the Digital content writing course and if it will be helpful to me.  Now I understand the importance of the digital world in content writing. I have no doubts that to be a successful content writer, this course is beneficial.”

In her Henry Harvin content writing course review, Bipasha also says “One thing about Henry Harvin is that they are very professional when it comes to teaching. Our mentor made the class sessions very interesting and enjoyable. She was always there to answer all our queries. My relationship manager was also very cooperative. I was quite comfortable to report any internet or technical related issues that I faced during the class sessions to her. She was always there to help me out and solve these issues.”

Will Bipasha recommend Henry Harvin to others? Her Henry Harvin reviews say, “Yes, I would suggest people go for this Digital content writing course from Henry Harvin. And I would really thank Henry Harvin for all that I have learnt. "


We were convinced Bipasha was happy based on her Henry Harvin content writing course reviews. 

How did Shalini find out about this course and how is her Henry Harvin content writing course review? 

Shalini says “I came across Henry Harvin course reviews when I was looking for some short term online content writing courses. Henry Harvin is a premium institute that provides content writing courses. It has been in this market for almost a decade. All this information really captivated my heart and I got enrolled in this course.

In my Henry Harvin content writing course review, I’d say that this course gives you a big platform. It gives the insight to think about, to draw experiences, to draw research work, to draw a lot of videos from the LMS Portal that they share for a lifetime.

I was greatly convinced by the instructors - the way they teach, the way they provide information and the way they help us to complete our assignments. I would definitely like to thank Urvashi Choudhury, who is not only a bundle of knowledge but also a great creative writer. She gave us assignments not only to do in the class but also to do at home. All such assignments really boosted our confidence to the maximum.”


In her Henry Harvin content writing course review, Shalini said that she would definitely recommend the Henry Harvin content writing course to all aspirants who want to establish a career in content writing.

Taseen’s Henry Harvin content writing course reviews

We finally spoke to Taseen, a B.Tech graduate to get an idea of her Henry Harvin content writing course review.

In her content writing review, she says “I was always passionate about writing and I was researching about it when I came across Henry Harvin course reviews. I signed up on their website which was very informative.

Both my relationship manager Chandrika and my instructor Urvashi were very patient.  Ms Chandrika explained to me the contents of the digital content writing course and helped me with technical support and internet issues. Ms Urvashi never showed any hesitation to repeat the contents over and over again.

During the class, I was introduced to a number of writing tools that improved and standardized my writing. We were also given many assignments throughout the course that really helped in improving my writing skills. In my Henry Harvin content writing course review I’d say that overall, this course was very helpful for me.”



According to the above Henry Harvin’s content writing course reviews, this course helps students to explore the different styles of writing. It encourages students to research thoroughly on given topics and develop suitable content by using skills like creation, evaluation, and reorganization. The students are taught SEO tools, technical writing, creative writing and analytical skills. 

This course includes writing articles, blog posts, writing videos scripts, podcasts and content for social media. Based on Henry Harvin reviews, it can be concluded without a doubt that Henry Harvin is a well-recognized, prestigious institute to learn content writing courses from.



  1. Yes, Indeed I totally agree......The content writing course by Henry Harvin is really helpful for my career. My trainers were very experienced and helpful. Every concept was well taught and the approach to different styles and forms in content writing was successfully communicated. Overall it was worth registering in Henry Harvin and I would recommend it to everyone out there. Hope my review will add some value to you.

  2. I also completed my content writing training from Henry Harvin and today working in the big company. I have learned lot of new things during my content writing course training and my review for my trainer is very positive. Hope my Henry Harvin content writing course reviews will help you to take the right decision.

  3. This is my review for all of them who want to join Henry Harivn content writing course training.
    I aspired to become a content writer because my brother is running a successful blogger I want want to write blogs for him so that i joined content writing course from Henry Harvin. The course was online in the form of live sessions, which made me a little skeptical because i was always a fan of traditional offline teaching, but right from the first session, the content writing course was so engaging and interactive that it felt superior to any offline one.
    The content was so informative and vast including creating your own website, blogs, articles, social media marketing to name a few. The interactive sessions, breakdown of course in small segments and the practical assignments made sure that all the information gets absorbed thoroughly.
    The content writing course included, 'how can we earn from content writing' and it deserves a mention because it gave me the strength to follow my passion.
    The course was definitely worth the money and I couldn't think of any shortcomings.

    About my trainer - he was very professional and helpful.

    I couldn't thank her enough for making the course sessions worthwhile. His teaching style, interactive sessions, 'downloading information gradually made me all praise for him.

    Hope my Henry Harvin content writing course reviews will help you all to take the admission in Henry Harvin institute.
    My journey at Henry Harvin was very interesting and knowledgeable. Hope you all will do rock after completing your content writing course training from Henry Harvin.

  4. I am right now pursuing content writing course from Henry Harvin and I’d say that it’s a great centre for learning this. The trainers are very updated with the latest information on this particular field. The methodology used by them easy to grasp even for a person who comes from a non- technical background. So if you are looking for a course in content writing, Henry Harvin would be a great option. They are very responsive, supportive, up-to-date and a very well set agenda of each class and overall the course.
    I had a dream of becoming a content writer and I think I have chosen the right path for making it come true.

    Henry Harvin content writing courses online from a reputable institute will help you develop into a potential content marketer.

    Any article, blog, website, social media post you come across everyday has some content. Content writing has its roots in every sector nowadays. If you are an aspiring writer and can develop creative content then you can step into this world of enormous scope. Content writers are always in demand to gain innovative content.

  5. Here I am sharing my personal experience about Henry Harvin Content Writing course training with you all.

    I wanted to make my career in the content writing field for a long time but could not find any institute but one day my best friend Sohan recommended Henry Harvin content writing course. I had searched many more about the Henry Harvin content writing course on Google and read many previous students' reviews and feedback. And finally enroll here and the content writing course training from Henry Harvin institute has helped me in providing the best lessons, i could have asked for.

    I have completed my training under a highly skilled trainer and learned my new things.

    At Henry Harvin my schedule is flexible, syllabus reader-friendly and trainers true masters. And the best of all is their Learning Management System. It allows me unhindered access to all the classes.

    Here I have spent good time and improved my content writing skill many fold, would recommend this course to all my friends or colleagues who would like to make their career in the content writing field.

    Hope my personal Henry Harvin content writing course review will help you to choose the best institute for your career.

    THANK YOU !!!

  6. Соntent Writing Саrrier саn give yоu flexibility in yоur life thаt yоu саn use with yоur lоved оnes thаt yоu will nоt find in mаny jоbs. Welсоme tо writing the соntent оf the uрсоming, mоst sоught аfter аnd mоst influentiаl teсhnоlоgy in the wоrld аnd Henry Hаrvin саn helр yоu get better in this field аfter lооking аt аll the situаtiоns. Tо imрrоve yоur tаrgeting skills tо get yоur tаrget аudienсe, yоu need tо рrасtiсe being аble tо сreаte аn effeсtive соntent strаtegy tо reасh аnd engаge yоur tаrget аudienсe. Tо inсreаse yоur vаlue, yоu need tо knоw hоw tо рrоteсt рrivаte рrоjeсts frоm Indiа, the US, UK аnd аvоid the risk оf bаd сredit in internаtiоnаl раyments.

  7. When I think about institute for content writing course only one thing pops in my mind, **Henry Harvin Education**. I took this course after the pandemic started and I thought it won’t be great as it was online, but they proved me wrong.

    I used to wait for the classes to begin because they made it that interesting and fun. The assignments used to make me use my brain properly to bring out the best possible answers and I was very pleased by the end of the course. You should try taking up this course if you have a passion for writing.

  8. Henry Harvin! That’s my answer to this question. I did my content writing course from here and they didn’t disappoint me. The curriculum was up-to-date and the classes were really fun and energetic. The notes they gave were really helpful and easy to understand. I went to these classes for improving my skills but I have not only improved my skills but made a lot of memories and learned from my mistakes. The instructors made sure that everyone understood the topic and gave great ideas for writing. It was worth taking up the course!

  9. The training which I have undergone was Six Sigma. I have learnt a lot and the training was good. I have learnt the basics too. Now I am able to do a project on my own with the help of knowledge I have gained from Henry Harvin. Best Six Sigma Training & Certification Centre.

  10. This review conveys exactly what I had in mind! I recently got the chance to take the Content Writing course by Henry Harvin, and it has improved my writing skills tremendously. I totally recommend this course!

  11. The course structure designed by Henry Harvin is simple and easily understood by a person like me who has no previous experience in the field of Content Writing. Our trainer Mrs. Vandana Saxena is not only a good faculty but also an experienced Content Writer who shared her valuable learnings with all the trainees. The recorded videos and all the study material were also helpful as they always helped me to refer back and have clarity about the doubts.

    The weekly assignments which are a part of the course structure, helped me to discover that writing is not difficult if practiced regularly.

    Henry Harvin also nurtures you as a Content Writer through its internship program. It also helps in Job placement. Henry Harvin content writing course reviews

  12. I did plenty of analysis and see several reviews concerning Henry Harvin Education. Henry Harvin Education has received plenty sensible|of excellent|of fine} reviews and that I would really like to relinquish an awfully good review to them still. Henry Harvin Education may be a career growth organization that gives several courses and certifications. a good course for associate degree introduction towards the six-letter of the alphabet and lean management methodologies, a piece of good information for drawback stating and definition, extremely enjoyed it. it's a good place to be told. The course provides quite an in-depth summary of the assorted aspects of Content Writing. The trainer was able to clarify every and every doubt that we tend to have. nice support provided throughout. many thanks, Henry Harvin.

  13. Henry Harvin is a good platform to learn content writing. The course has a detailed syllabus about content and has given me diverse ideas about various forms of content. The live sessions are well-organized, interactive, and well taught. The course gives a good start for aspiring content writers.

  14. Thank you Henry Harvin for posting these reviews. They are very helpful for students like mine who are confused about which courses should they pursue. I recommend taking up this content writing course.

  15. After reading this review it's made me want to share mine as well.I have been in the writing business for some years and decided to do a professional writing course. I learned a lot! Thank you Henry Harvin for providing such an amazing Content Writing Course.

  16. If you want to have a professional writing career, there’s nothing better than Henry Harvin Content Writing training.,this is Indias best training institute.

  17. I have also seen many reviews about Henry Harvin , and its seems content writing course is quite interesting .Thankyou for feedback as well

  18. Henry Harvin is a decent stage to learn content composition. The course has a definite schedule about content and has given me different thoughts regarding different types of content. The live meetings are efficient, intuitive, and very much instructed. The course gives a decent beginning for hopeful substance authors.

  19. The content writing course provided by Henry Harvin pave a path for your career in the field owing to the diverse set of skills that you acquire after the completion of the training. I would recommend to give a shot at Henry Harvin's Content writing course.

  20. Great to know about your feedback. Even I had a good experience with Henry Harvin . I attended their content writing course

  21. Henry Harvin is a great platform to analyze content writing. The course has in depth syllabus about content and has given me numerous ideas about numerous varieties of content. The route gives an excellent for aspiring content writers.

  22. I always wanted to be a Writer, to improve my writing skills I was looking the best Content Writing course and I came across Henry Harvin. I learned a lot about content writing and the mentors and faculty provided by Henry Harvin was Awesome. I would Like to Suggest Henry Harvin's Content Writing Course to those who are willing to do the same.

  23. The Content Writing course by Henry Harvin is truly useful for my Career. My coaches were extremely capable and supportive. Each idea was all around instructed and the way to deal with various styles and structures in content Writing was effectively conveyed. In general it was worth it to enroll at Henry Harvin's Content Writing Course and I would recommend it everyone who are willing to learn content writing.

  24. A dynamic, Content writing course that engages the head and the heart, builds community, and helps the writer stay on course. I Thanks to Henry Harvin for Providing such a Wonderful course with immense Knowledge.

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  32. Henry Harvin was the institute that I chose for myself and I’m really happy that I did my content writing course here. I met many new people with amazing experiences.

  33. I learned a lot of new stuff and understood that I was following the wrong pattern in my writing. I am now more confident with my writing and it is all because of the help from the trainers and the notes given by Henry Harvin.

  34. I would like to recommend Henry Harvin as one of the best institute for the aspirants who are passionate about what they want to do.

  35. Content writing is more than just having solid language and grammar skills and Henry Harvin has helped me a lot in improving my writing and skills in this subject. They made a very perfect curriculum that is internationally accepted everywhere.

  36. nice post and thanks for sharing

  37. This is one of the amazing post I have ever read

  38. Great post and thank you so much for sharing this.


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